(FILLED) 2-year Postdoc in Neurodiversity in Education

At a glance:

  • 2-year paid employment in Reykjavik, Iceland
  • PhD degree related to Computer Science, Education, Psychology required
  • Topic: Design and evaluation of educational practices, guidelines, and training material regarding neurodiversity in university courses.
  • Inter-disciplinary collaboration.
  • Awesome diverse and inter-disciplinary team.


I have a 2-year Postdoc position available on the topic of Neurodiversity in Software Engineering Education. The position is part of ongoing work to improve inclusion of neurodivergent students and engineers. You will help iteratively designing and evaluating educational practices, guidelines, and training material regarding neurodiversity in Software Engineering courses. This will include planning and conducting empirical studies and developing tools and materials. We work closely together with national and international experts in Psychology, Education, and Student Counselling, as well as with interest groups in society.

You will be based in the Centre for Research on Engineering Software Systems (CRESS) at the Department of Computer Science, Reykjavik University (https://ru.is), currently led by me. We aim to work closely with industry and society on their challenges. The centre currently consists of 24 full-time members (9 faculty, 15 postdocs and phd students). We offer a vibrant, welcoming, and diverse environment, with currently 14 women/10 men from 13 nationalities. Finally, we work on diverse topics within the centre (e.g., SE, HCI, Education, Network Science, Digital Health), so there is strong potential for projects that cut across these topics and research interests.

The position offers substantial flexibility as to how the topic is developed and in which directions to drive it. The successful applicant is therefore expected to come with their own ideas and initiatives, which they can then develop together with me and the other project participants. Applicants are expected to have completed a PhD degree in Computer Science or a field related to the project topic (e.g., Psychology and Education).

Reykjavik University is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland and northernmost capital in the world. Reykjavik is a popular year-round destination situated midway between North America and Europe. Iceland is consistently ranked as one of the safest countries in the world. Reykjavik University, right next to Iceland’s only geothermal beach. The campus is one of Iceland’s most automated buildings, designed to provide an environment optimal for working using the lowest amount of energy.

For details on how to apply, informal questions, and really anything else regarding the position, feel free to get in touch with me at: grischal [at] ru [dot] is

Neurodivergent applicants are very welcome.

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